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Home built creations


"I don't like having to 'twist threads'  to switch
a light on and off. Easy for the  manufacturer, but not necessarily the best solution for the user.......”

“ This design works with primary or rechargeable batteries. I use  Li-Ion rechargeables, (R-CR123a), and mate them to Luxeon III led’s, from bins TYOH and 
UYOJ, to deliver the light.”

“All metal reflectors, either  McR-20 or  Nuwai's Q3, give me the beam I like, and offer a good balance between flood and throw.” 

“George's drivers, with side micro switch, puts the switch where it should be and offers dimming and many other great  features.”

“Aluminum, and more recently Titanium ,are used for the bodies. Titanium, while slightly heavier, is the most marvelous material for a small EDC flashlight."


    'My first **************'

Before using , re set and name tabs above.