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"I don't like having to 'twist threads'  to switch
a light on and off. Easy for the  manufacturer, but not necessarily the best solution for the user.......”

“George's drivers put the switch where it should be, on the side, and offers dimming, auto switch lock out, choice of two UI's, and many other great  features.”

“ The lights works with primary or rechargeable batteries. I use  Li-Ion rechargeables, (R-CR123a), and mate them to Luxeon III led’s, from bins TYOH and 
UYOJ, to deliver the light.”

“All metal reflectors, either  McR-20 or  Nuwai's Q3, give me the beam I like, and offer a good balance between flood and throw.” 

“Aluminum, and more recently Titanium ,are used for the bodies. Titanium, while slightly heavier, is the most marvelous material for a small EDC flashlight."





George's Drivers

C.P.F. forums

McGizmo's lights 

Metal supplies

The 'Shoppe'

Window Glass

AW's Batteries


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      on the CPF



Welcome to my Website. interest in creating and building  flashlights got me through a difficult part of my life in 2005.

       " This is my hobby. Sorry....nothing for sale." 

The support from friends, met on CPF, motivated me to try my hand at  actually building a light from scratch.

"Candle Power Forums  with its 20,000 members, has proved 
to be  a marvelous resource for flashlight information. I have had tremendous help and support from  members for which I am deeply grateful.

Having machine shop experience and a good lathe obviously helps, but that was just one facet of the whole process. Forum members are building lights from scratch using Luxeon and Cree  LEDs, re chargeable Li-Ion batteries and other bleeding edge technologies  and are way ahead of the main stream flashlight manufacturers.

So far all my 'Home Built'  lights feature side switches and for me, this is the only place  for a switch. The important drivers that take the battery current and deliver it to the LED were made by George Scolaro of  TaskLed.  He offers for sale a variety of  'State of the art' drivers available for just about any application and  his website is well worth a visit.

For specific information on individual builds, click on the tabs at the top of this page."

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